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Shackleton, Peter

Born in Great Harwood, Lancashire, in 1933, Peter Shackleton has enjoyed a
long, varied and successful career. He continues to paint and his longevity is
testimony to his ability to transcend short - lived stylistic trends and passing
artistic movements. As a result, his distinctively stylised figurative works are
inimitably recognisable, with perhaps a passing nod to Bernard Buffet, the
artist’s bold use of vibrant and rich colours being a key distinguishing feature.
Peter Shackleton’s exhibition history extends over decades and crosses national
boundaries. Amongst the many exhibitions in the North of England have been
successful shows at Salford Art Gallery and at the former Crane Gallery in
Manchester, whilst further afield the Crane Kalman Gallery in London has also
mounted successful shows. His work is also included in the prestigious Ruth
Borchard collection. Formerly described by one eminent critic as a ‘young artist
to watch’, the intervening years have proved the prescient nature of this

Peter Shackleton 'Balloons at the Fairground'


Peter Shackleton 'Hen Cabins'



Peter Shackleton 'Six'



Peter Shackleton 'Sunset Lovers and Kites'


Peter Shackleton 'Beach in July'


Peter Shackleton 'Juggler in Autumn'



Peter Shackleton 'Star Fall on Pendle'


Peter Shackleton 'Bird Seller'


Peter Shackleton 'Scarecrow'



Peter Shackleton 'Summer Storm'


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