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Jabbour, Henry

Originally from Beirut, Lebanon, Henry Jabbour now divides his time between
Cambridge and Edinburgh. Primarily a painter in oils and printmaker, Jabbour’s
unique works possess an ethereal quality, sometimes bordering on the semi-
abstract, which successfully connects the existential triangle existing between
artist, subject and viewer. Sumptuously colourful and fresh, his sensitive yet
challenging works reveal a search for identity which transcends the mere
individual and encourages a universal and emotional dimension in the response
of the viewer to his art.
Having initially graduated from The American University of Beirut, Jabbour
was awarded a further degree by The University of Sydney and completed a
Masters in Fine Art at the New York Academy of Art in 2015. He has a
distinguished Exhibition history and has exhibited across North America and
the Middle East. Within the United Kingdom, his work has featured at a number
of influential galleries, including Flowers and Mall in London and Tregony in
Cornwall. Aside from having a growing international collector base, Jabbour’s
work has also been critically recognised and he has been the recipient of a
number of distinguished Awards and positive Media coverage.

Henry Jabbour


Henry Jabbour 'Just Us Two'



Henry Jabbour 'Be Not Far From Me'



Henry Jabbour 'My heart went on'


Henry Jabbour 'By All My Vows'


Henry Jabbour 'This Life To Me' (Study)


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