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Jabbour, Henry

Originally from Beirut, Lebanon, Henry Jabbour now divides his time between
Cambridge and Edinburgh. Primarily a painter in oils and printmaker, Jabbour’s
unique works possess an ethereal quality, sometimes bordering on the semi-
abstract, which successfully connects the existential triangle existing between
artist, subject and viewer. Sumptuously colourful and fresh, his sensitive yet
challenging works reveal a search for identity which transcends the mere
individual and encourages a universal and emotional dimension in the response
of the viewer to his art.
Having initially graduated from The American University of Beirut, Jabbour
was awarded a further degree by The University of Sydney and completed a
Masters in Fine Art at the New York Academy of Art in 2015. He has a
distinguished Exhibition history and has exhibited across North America and
the Middle East. Within the United Kingdom, his work has featured at a number
of influential galleries, including Flowers and Mall in London and Tregony in
Cornwall. Aside from having a growing international collector base, Jabbour’s
work has also been critically recognised and he has been the recipient of a
number of distinguished Awards and positive Media coverage.


Henry Jabbour 'Be Not Far From Me'



Henry Jabbour 'My heart went on'


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