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Evans, David

My artistic driving force is my continued obsession with four motifs - people, bicycles, buildings and landscape. I sometimes interpret these singly or coalesced within one work.
The underlining inspiration for a good deal of my work comes from re-working and distorting quite traditional themes from art, literature, poetry and music. I like to jump the margins between illustration and fine art.
Sifting recently through my work, observations, ideas and responses, I think it’s fair to say that I see life, art and my surroundings in a somewhat quirky and whimsical visual way…

David Evans 'Blood Sky'


David Evans 'Plots of Land'


David Evans 'Wet Field'


David Evans 'Evening Approaches'


David Evans 'The Day Clears'


David Evans 'Losing the Plot'


David Evans 'The Sky Moves On'


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